Thijs Flore is an architectural designer, 

He studied Architecture at the Technical University of Delft. During his studies he focused on how new structures connect to the existing built fabric, from scales large to small, and how spaces can be used in contemporary times (including heritage transformation, adaptation and restoration.

As an Architectural designer his conviction is that ultimately al inspiration comes from our natural surroundings. Much that determines the architectural design is directly influenced by the direct context in the broad sense of the word. The sense of location is encapsulated in the geographical location, and the subsequent soil , that tells a story about what (geological) processes have been at work there in history and maybe even what will come in the future. How people lived in the location  What the culture was, dance, music, kitchen.

With taking these factors into account a relevant and grounded result of the design proces and a visible relation to the specific location will show itself

Vanuit de overtuiging dat er in gezamenlijkheid naar oplossingen kan worden gezocht in een ontwerp proces. Vanuit de gedachte dat de architect vormgever is aan ruimte en materiaal, is het belangrijk om in goed overleg tot een ontwerp te komen dat aansluit bij de wensen van de opdrachtgever(s). Door geregeld contact en een 

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